Our Story


This or That  Boutique  is designed on showcasing styles for women who encourage and inspire us. From flamboyant and fun apparel to matching jewelry, we shelve it all!!!

We vicariously live up to the name and offer a wide variety of clothes in every style, size and fabric to suit every season and occasion. 

We are online so shop our collection and put your own unique spin to each style.

                         MEET THE TEAM #CRAZYLOT


        KETKI ARYA is the founder.

She believes that how you carry yourself is the sum total of your inner self. We all have different body types, but more importantly, different beliefs, different choices, different struggles and different emotional quotient.

Your style is the expression of your unique persona. What we wear defines all this and much more .



NABILA ZAMAN is the business director.

Promoting a positive self image. She believes one should pay close attention to their appearance and clothes as it forms the basis of people's perception of your personality. This Or That Boutique was the perfect choice for her to implement her creative and directorial expertise.  


ELIZABETH SCHROEDER is a business manager.

Having worked in all different industries, ELIZABETH plays the role of business manager with complete dedication. As a business manager she wears a lot of different hats and gets things done. 

JULIE BLANKENSHIO VONO is our inventory manager. 

Being an office manger for a long time , Julie  brings a lot of experience and the hard work to the team. She does everything with full energy and determination.

ALYSAN NOEL ORUM is our Media Master

Alysan is our brand planner and social media expert. she has a keen sense of fashion and what's trending. she is a go getter and brings to the table, her unique ideas and detailed plans to put This Or That Boutique on map.